SJF Attorneys incorporated

is a lively law firm that was originally established by Stefan JF Bezuidenhout and aims to become a beacon of sound legal advice and services acting with the utmost professionalism and to assist each client to the best of its ability. We are also specialists in Criminal, Commercial and Cannabis Law.


SJF Attorneys assist’s both local and international clients in guiding them through the complex and confusing legislation and regulations applicable to their already existing and/or intended business. Keeping support staff to a minimum, we ensure that attorney-client privilege is upheld to the highest standards, especially for that sensitive Off-Take Agreement Proprietary Information, and simultaneously ensuring all interactions are handled by a specialist qualified to cover a broad spectrum of cannabis related questions on the local and international cannabis markets. 

SJF Attorneys has a wide spectrum of legal service offerings extending far beyond cannabis law and is our list available under “Areas of Law” above. We are also a very adaptable firm that promises superiority in the quality of advice given to our clients at a rate they can afford.


SJF Attorneys Incorporated strives to be a world class law firm, a center of legal excellence that future generations of attorneys will be enormously proud to be associated with. The superior quality, service and ultimate success of SJF Attorneys Incorporated can be directly credited to the vision for the future. We aim to:

  • Deliver constant improvement to the clients through the supply of advanced legal and related solutions

  • Be identified as a leader in the provision of legal and related services to specific businesses

  • Continue meeting and exceeding the client’s needs and expectations

  • Be one of the leading law firms in South Africa delivering world class legal expertise.

  • Provide unparallel service in terms of quality and response time.

  • Have good and long-standing relationships with the clients of the firm.

We are also on a clear mission to:

  • make a positive difference by providing top quality legal advice and services at the highest possible standards.
  • offer unparalleled service timeously.

  • render the services in a professional and ethical manner.

  • ensure the clients receive a warm and friendly welcome at the offices.

  • adopt a flexible and innovative approach when servicing the clients.

  • be dedicated and concerned for the client’s welfare.

  • be consistent in responding to the clients’ needs and offer the client value for money at all times.

  • to provide an enriching environment through diversity and teamwork.